How to apply for changes in PAN card

Note: This is a guest post by Aditi Gulecha. She happens to be my sister and is a techie by profession. She has recently corrected her PAN details online and has thought of sharing her experience with all of you.


Today I would like to share my views on a very common topic “Changes or Corrections in PAN Card”. Nowadays having a PAN card is not a choice, it has become a requirement. It is needed before making investment in mutual fund, purchasing gold, buying property etc. PAN also is a readily acceptable Identity proof where in your details like your name, father’s name, your recent photo etc. are given. In some cases like investment in mutual funds, PAN is a must.

Now, the information we had given years before at the time of applying first time, may gets updated due to certain events like change of address, change of name after marriage (for ladies) etc., and as a result you would want to change details in PAN.

So what to do now ??

You have to update the details in your PAN Card so as to continue using it in your IT returns/ as identity proof at various places. Also in case of e-filing of returns, your return is forwarded by Central Processing Centre to Assessing Officer of the place as per the address mentioned in PAN (to know how you can e-file your return yourself, read an earlier post by Abhinav here)

Now, I am sharing from my experience that updating the details in your PAN Card is not at all a difficult task and there is no need of going to anyone. You can all do it by yourself online….of course you can spare half an hour on the weekend. It is simple as that!

So if you are game for this, read on…..

Which details you can update in PAN card

Now that you know that it is necessary to keep your PAN Card details updated, next question that comes in the mind is that which all details in my PAN Card you can update.

Okay…Apart from the things that are printed on the PAN Card (name, father’s name and your photo), there are some other things that are not printed but are maintained in the records of the IT department like Date of Birth, Cell no. Landline no., email Id/Signature. So the full list of things you can update is given below:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Father’s Name
  3. Communication Address (Residence/Office)
  4. Signature
  5. Telephone No.
  6. Cell no.
  7. Email ID.
  8. Aadhar No: If you have been allotted Aadhar Card, then Aadhar No. can also be provided.

How to make online application for change in PAN card

Now you know which details need to be updated, we will move to the next part i.e. How to update the PAN Card details online. Follow this step by step process:

    1. Go to the url:- Scroll down at the end you will find an option to select in “Apply for New PAN Card Or / And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data”.
    2. Select “Individual” from the option box, (likewise depending on the type of entity like company, partnership form etc. you can select the suitable option from the option box.
    3. A form for updation of details in PAN Card will open.
    4. In this form, you are required to fill your details.
    5. Whichever detail needs to be updated, please check the corresponding check box on the left hand side of that entry.
    6. In support of your changes and corrections, you need to attach your Identity Proof and Address Proof. For an acceptable list of ID/ Address proofs, check
    7. This procedure requires fees of Rs 96.00 to be given to the Govt. You can make payment by way of following options:
      • Demand draft
      • Credit Card
      • Net Banking
    8. Name of the applicant and the acknowledgement number should be mentioned on the reverse of the demand draft / cheque.
    9. Submit your application by clicking on “Submit” button. You will receive an acknowledgement which contains a unique 15 number  acknowledgement. Take a print-out of this document.
    10. Sign the acknowledgement, affix two photos on it and attach the Address and Identity proof to it. Super scribe the envelope with ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN CHANGE REQUEST-<15 digit Acknowledgment Number>’.
    11. Send the docket to following address in such time as it reaches NSDL within 15 days of the date of online application:

National Securities Depository Limited,
  5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411016

12.  You will get the revised PAN document by courier to the specified communication address, within a month. In case of non-receipt, some of the easy ways you can check status is given below:

  • SMS NSDLPAN <space> Acknowledgement No. & send to 57575
  • Call TIN Call Centre : 020- 27218080
  • Email :


So now you know that by help of internet and technology, you can do certain important things yourself in a very easy way.  Hope this article was easy to understand and useful to you. Please share your experience in comments section and also in case you have any queries.

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